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A letter from Dr. James Butterick formerly of South Coast Hospital Group

Dear Dr. Schwamm,

As you know, we have now completed our DPH stroke surveys at all three of our Southcoast sites. We were successful in achieving stroke center designation for all three pending copies of a few contracts that we are just now completing. Our success is in no small measure due to you and the advice and support you have provided over the many months we have prepared for the surveys.

From the first discussions with DPH, through the publication of the stroke centers guidelines, and finally to our surveys, you have been of immense assistance to us at every step of the way. You are aware that our Tobey site, with very little neurology coverage, will be using our telemedicine link with you extensively. We have elected to engage you for a telemedicine link for our two larger sites as well to serve as a secondary consulting service and backup. You have been entirely cooperative and supportive throughout this process.

I also must compliment you for the mock survey that your Partners Neurology group provided to us. The presence, advice, and consultation you and Patricia Masson gave to us just before we had our formal DPH surveys proved simply invaluable. You helped us prepare ourselves and also gave our Southcoast team a real boost by acknowledging how much work had been done by our team. This is the first new, system-wide clinical program that we have introduced and it was a novel experience.

I can't thank you enough for all of your help with this project. I don't think we could have gotten ourselves ready nor could we have provided all the services that we need to offer without your active assistance and participation. Please feel free to use our Southcoast name if anyone would like to use us as a reference. We look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead as we all strive to provide better stroke care for ail patients in the Commonwealth.

James D. Butterick, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

SouthCoast Hospitals Group
363 Highland Avenue
Fall River, Massachusetts 02720

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