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Telestroke Alliance Program (TAP)



The TeleStroke Alliance Program (TAP) was created to assist other hospitals throughout the US and worldwide to build their own successful stroke telemedicine programs. The TeleStroke Alliance Program offers hospitals unlimited access to a broad range of clinical, management, and information technology expertise; access to an array of intellectual property and collateral materials MGH and BWH have developed to support a large, successful stroke telemedicine program; access to a robust live and "on-demand" stroke education program; and the opportunity to participate in an exclusive educational exchange with leading US stroke and telemedicine experts. Through TAP, MGH and BWH staff assist hospitals in the integration of technology, clinical best practice, training, and education to create a sustainable telemedicine program that will provide the highest quality patient care.

Our Expertise

Our expertise can be applied in many areas, including:

  • Development of Vendor Requests For Information / Requests For Qualifications / Requests For Proposal
  • Vendor Analysis and Selection
  • Hospital Technology Assessment (e.g. Videoconferencing, Teleradiology)
  • Telemedicine Program Design
  • Development of Financial Sustainability Models
  • Development of Clinical Protocols
  • Business Process Design
  • Marketing, Contracting, Malpractice, and Education / Training

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Stroke Consultation Software

We have developed a secure,web-based stroke consultation software program that is used by other TAP hospitals and telestroke networks. The encrypted, password-protected software application serves as a robust medical record system which accurately documents critical information on each clinical telemedicine interaction, including patient demographics, medical history, exam findings, lab values, and care recommendations. The application contains embedded decision support tools (e.g. reminders, warnings, algorithms, and calculators) which assist the telemedicine consultant in making the correct diagnosis and treatment decisions.


For more information about the Telestroke Alliance Program and the stroke consultation software application, please contact us.