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If your hospital already employs a team of skilled stroke neurology physicians, and you are planning for or are already designated as a comprehensive stroke center, you may have already begun exploring what it takes to implement a telestroke program. Forging ahead independently can be very costly, technically challenging, and prone to errors.

The “TeleStroke Network Partner” Program offers a proven service delivery model that will flatten out your learning curve, get a successful "hub and spoke" telestroke network up and running quickly and cost-effectively, and allow your institution or hospital network to continue focusing its scarce resources on improving patient care and achieving better patient outcomes.


Implementing the “TeleStroke Network Partner” Program in your hospital will enable you to provide 24/7/365 clinical expertise to any surrounding hospital that joins your local telestroke network, regardless of whether they are part of your integrated hospital network, part of another hospital network, or independent. Many of our own telestroke-networked "spoke" hospitals have used this arrangement to successfully secure designation as “Primary Stroke Centers” in the Massachusetts state-based stroke designation system. A successful telestroke program can represent a possible new revenue stream for your own institution; enhance network cohesion within your own integrated hospital system; and generate good will and positive publicity throughout the state and surrounding communities.

As part of the “TeleStroke Network Partner” Program implementation, your hospital will receive all the necessary materials, software tools, training, and implementation support to develop your own branded telestroke "hub and spoke" network, including:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Contracting Materials
  • Credentialing Materials
  • Video / Radiology Network Layout Guidelines
  • Software Admin Tools
  • TeleStroke Consult Software Use
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Remote Unit Technology / Installation Guidelines
  • TeleCME Guidelines

In addition, the Telestroke Network Partner "hub" hospitals interact with each other in a collaborative fashion to share best practices and drive innovation.

Please contact us at (617) 724-3999 or for more information and to discuss the benefits of the "TeleStroke Network Partner" Program.